Beyond respecting the zoning and building regulations of the Town of Mont-Tremblant, every project within Quartier Huit will also have to be conceived according to a set of architectural guidelines. This guide frames both land utilization and building standards, in order to harmonize exteriors, patterns, entrances and transition elements.

One of the main objectives of the Architectural Guidelines is to preserve the surrounding vegetation and limit human intervention, so the natural heritage, quietude of the site, and homogenous development increase the long-term value of your investment.

General Objectives of our Architectural Guidelines

  • Ensuring the preservation of the natural surroundings
  • Integrating buildings harmoniously within their natural surrounding
  • Coordinating the design of the built-heritage, ensuring a contemporary/rustic look
  • Preserving the intimate character of each building
  • Advocating the use of ecologically-sound, noble materials
  • Advocating the choice of colors that harmonize with the natural landscape